HuffPo’s honesty and responsibility quotients reach new low

by J.A. Myerson

Based on this headline…

…it is reasonable to suspect that the “Community,” as quoted in the article will have been shown to “[Blame] Occupy For Tragic Murder.” Reasonable, but wrong.

The meat of the Berkeley, CA story:

On Saturday night, Peter and Andrea Cukor called Berkeley police on a nonemergency line to report a trespasser outside their garage. However, police did not immediately respond, claiming they were busy with an Occupy protest. Soon after, 67-year-old Peter Cukor was beaten to death by the trespasser, allegedly 23-year-old Daniel DeWitt.

Sure sounds to me like this was not the fault of the “Occupy protest” but the “police” who “did not immediately respond.” Still, the “Community” can have blamed Occupy. Except it didn’t! Who blamed Occupy? The cops whose lethal fuck-up is in question!

“At that time, available officers were being reconfigured in order to monitor a protest which was to come into Berkeley from Oakland in the next hour,” said Berkeley Police Spokesman Lt. Andrew Greenwood in a statement. “Only criminal, in-progress emergency calls were to be dispatched, due to the reduction in officers available to handle calls for service.”

The “Community” members quoted in the piece — Occupy Oakland folks — agree with me. One example:

“This is not the first time this has happened, with or without Occupy Oakland,” Occupy Oakland Activist Boots Riley told HuffPost. “Information is available about the average response times in Berkeley to non-emergency numbers; there is an incredibly long wait time. This has nothing to do with Occupy Oakland and they are using it as a scapegoat.”


“The police fear that protesters are going to break windows,” said Yassin. “If police choose to make sure windows don’t get broken instead of responding to life-threatening crimes, that is the Police Department’s fault for having those kinds of priorities. And the community should be furious.”

As it happens, the protesters appear NOT to have broken any windows anyway. You need cops elsewhere? Call off the cops supervising peaceful dissidents!

HuffPo’s OWS landing page rewrites the headline as a question. (h/t @rosefox for pointing out the variation):

No. Occupy Is Not To Blame.

…And you guys are assholes. Shame on you.

UPDATE: This just in. The cops appear to have lied in the first place! Check it out:

UPDATE II: Here is @sparrowmedia’s photo of the police-less march. And here‘s the endpoint at UC, where “there was a handful of police inside the international house but no interaction w/ protestors.”

UPDATE III: I just heard back from Huff.

Hi Jesse, thank you so much for your email about this. We have corrected the headline to read “Police Blame” as opposed to “Community Blames.” Thanks so much again for bringing this to my attention.

This now appears at the bottom:

CORRECTION: A previous headline elsewhere on the site inaccurately stated that the “community,” rather than the police department, had attributed Cukor’s death to the fact that the police were busy with the protest.

No mention of doubts of the accuracy of the police’s assessment, no change to the “Is Occupy To Blame?” headline, no apology for contributing to the Breitbart/Santorum effort to insinuate that Occupy is dangerous. Let’s file this one under COLD COMFORT.