I’ll meet conservatives halfway on money in politics.

by J.A. Myerson

I can imagine good results coming from electoral campaigns voluntarily funded by private donations, as long as everyone had about the same amount of money. So if the important thing to conservatives is that electoral campaigns be voluntarily funded by private donations, then I am willing to meet them half way, so long as they accept my demand that we make everyone have about the same amount of money.

Those are the two philosophies in competition here, and it would be really good for everyone to figure out which side they are on. As we see demonstrated before us, it is unworkable to have both expansive economic freedom *and* privately funded political campaigns. The result is necessarily the rapid acceleration of a) extreme amounts of wealth in the hands of minute few and b) very meager means on a widespread basis.

The movement for publicly funded elections really had better get its ass in gear, because I somehow don’t see conservatives relenting on the economic equality question.