Schneiderman can win my reluctant vote for President Obama

by J.A. Myerson

I post this with great anxiety that I’m just being bombastic, but the lawsuit Scheiderman announced the other day bodes very well for the future and gives me some confidence that the bravado and gumption the AG displayed on Chris Hayes’ show indicates accurately the spirit with which he means to pursue this charge of his.

Now: I am still absolutely certain that the most grave matter before us is the climate crisis. This and a million other things besides lead me to tremendous dissatisfaction of Obama’s presidential performance. And I won’t drop any of my objections to Obama’s presidency, which I have written about often and all over the place. But if Schneiderman can put some of these guys in jail and achieve an impressive amount of restitution to underwater homeowners and taxpayers and especially if the might of litigation inspires some really tough financial reform, I will reward President Obama for having commissioned this thing with my vote.

I will not stop harassing him and the Democrats and the political system with whatever little platform I have, but credit where it’s due. I think it would probably be irresponsible to speculate that Obama all along envisioned such a result and was just biding his time or proving to everyone the inability of the legislative process to redress popular grievances, all the while planning to drop this card at exactly the right moment, so I won’t. I’ll just say that ends are important, and Schneiderman appears in possession of the means to achieve a formidable end, courtesy President Obama.