New piece up at Truthout

by J.A. Myerson

Who is to blame for this depravity? Hershey washed its hands, noting that the plant in question wasn’t under its direct purview, but that of its vendor, Exel. Exel washed its hands, pointing out that it was SHS Staffing Solutions of Lemoyne, Pennsylvania, that had placed the students there. SHS washed its hands, claiming it was just the middle man between State and business. And so forth, which is exactly the point. A whole system is at work whose two chief results are the misery of those at the bottom and plausible deniability for the beneficiaries of their suffering. It is difficult for one to imagine an arrangement much more horrible than that.

The students find hope of altering that system in the protests underway at Liberty Plaza Park and all across the country. “The problem is the corporations,” remarked Roman Surzhko, 21, of Ukraine. “There are rich people who have all the money. It’s community versus corporations. You call yourself the 99%. We feel like the 99%. We have the same problems.”

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