Announcing: New Blog at Truthout

by J.A. Myerson

Good news, team! Truthout has asked me to blog about Occupy Wall Street, producing four short pieces a week with interesting reporting and analysis on the movement.

Every week, I will try to highlight the story of someone interesting at Occupy Wall Street (the guy who gives free haircuts or rolls cigarettes or the young woman who goes to labor unions to recruit solidarity). I will also try to monitor the occupation’s coverage in the press, correcting misconceptions and pointing out interesting revelations or perspectives. I will present eye-witness accounts of prominent events (marches, lectures, performances, clashes with the cops) and advance positions on the issues affecting the occupiers. I’ll write about other things here and in other sources, but much of my Occupy Wall Street attention will be focused there.

Please keep up with it and share it widely. We have to make sure that the narrative of this thing isn’t determined by members of the mainstream media who haven’t been among the protesters and therefore lack critical understanding about the phenomenon.

In solidarity,