America has *really* let herself go!

by J.A. Myerson

Congratulations, Zionist idiots.

The special election for Anthony Weiner’s stupidly vacated seat, New York’s 9th congressional district in the US House of Representatives, went to a Republican. Bob Turner will now represent that section of Brooklyn and Queens. This is Geraldine Ferraro’s seat. This is Chuck Schumer’s seat! For crying out loud, this is Anthony Weiner‘s seat!

To the extent that anyone in the rest of the country probably imagined why Weiner was in Congress at all, it was that he came from a very progressive district, a district that appreciated his firebrand defense of progressive economic and social measures and rewarded it with multiple re-elections.

But that is not why. They don’t give a shit about any of that down in the NY-9. If they had, they wouldn’t have thrown the election away to Turner, who wants to cut taxes for business and reduce regulations.

No, they only care about one thing, down there, and Anthony Weiner passed their test gloriously. They want their representative in congress to show loyalty to The United States, but not as much as to Israel.

See, Anthony Weiner was an uber-Zionist. Couldn’t get enough of bashing Palestinians, enjoyed denying the existence of an occupation, and refused to speak sanely about Park 51. That means doing the bidding of AIPAC even when it directly contradicted American values (values like making no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, for example).

Turner knew that’s what the denizens of NY-9 care about, and so he made it his central position.

On his campaign’s website:

National Security: I strongly oppose trying foreign terrorists in a civilian court. I will stand firmly with our allies and strongly defend the state of Israel.

Israel: Israel is America’s only dependable democratic ally in the Middle East. Obama is wrong to pressure Israel to accept the indefensible pre-1967 war borders. I believe that Jerusalem should remain free and recognized as the capital of Israel. I agree with Israel’s policy of refusing to negotiate with Hamas which has formed an alliance with Fatah/Abbas. I oppose attempts to have the UN recognize a Palestinian state in September.

See? The guy even writes about Israel in the section on national security! Israel stuff doesn’t go in the national security section, silly. Unless you’re referring to the security of the Israeli nation. In which case you ought to be asked why you care more about Israeli national security than American national security.

The rest of the Zionist lapdogs in the Democratic portion of the New York congressional delegation knew what was what and tried, in vain, to turn the tide of the special election. Rep. Eliot Engel even up and said it:

“People in that district care about Israel, but they also care about other things that we’re fighting about…preserving Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Turner has made it clear that he would be a typical Republican Party vote which we believe jeopardizes all that to keep the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy,” Engel said. “Clearly it’s a race because some people are not happy with the president’s Israel policy and Ed Koch and others want to send a message. It’s the wrong message at the wrong time. This is like my father used to say — cutting off your nose to spite your face.”

You earned it, voters. And when you’re all old and crusty and you need social security, you might find yourself proud to have cast a vote for the guy who helped the GOP privatize it.

Well, as a contingency plan, there’s always settling in the West Bank on the land of someone who had the poor taste of having already lived there.