The world isn’t interesting unless journalists pretend it is!

by J.A. Myerson

Okay, so the President is giving a jobs speech of no consequence to a body that doesn’t care what he has to say. He planned it for Wednesday, the man in charge of the body told him Thursday would work better, and he re-scheduled. This complete non-event does not deserve attention like the Huffington Post is paying it.

Above the fold! Front page! Big, dramatic photograph! All caps! Exclamation mark! Overwrought verbs!

Sam Stein, in the article, concedes the ludicrousness of it all — sort of.

The argument between the White House and GOP leadership over the date of the joint address was, on a substantive level, pointless. “The whole thing is silly,” an administration aide tells The Huffington Post. “We are fine with Thursday and would have proposed that to begin with if Boehner had told us Wednesday didn’t work this morning. Why he didn’t is just a mystery.”

Democrats, however, will still view it as a microcosm of the larger disputes that have played out between the two parties, with Republican recalcitrance ultimately winning them concessions from the administration.

They will? Says who? How does Sam Stein know how the Democrats will view it? Is he reporting something an official or aide told him? The quotation he cites is literally, “The whole thing is silly.” What greater marker of a non-story can there be than both sides of an alleged dispute confessing that neither cares?

My own suspicion is that Sam Stein is telling us how Democrats will view it in an attempt to prompt them to view it that way. Journalism, journalism.

The President is running six wars, deporting more immigrants than Bush did, forsaking his labor base and dismissing environmentalists. Surely, other concessions to the right wing demand the Huffington Post’s focus.

What next? Will they move nip-slip news and celebrity yearbook photos from the sidebar to the top of the page?