Raw I’ma give it to ya with no trivia. Raw like petroleum straight from Libya.

by J.A. Myerson

Let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that NATO involvement in the Libyan affair was anything like humanitarian at bottom. A commitment to humanitarianism and a defense of democratic interests against autocracies would prompt the US to reverse wholesale its line on Saudi Arabia. That’s all that needs to be said about that.

Also, as I wrote before, this was obviously not about retribution for terrorism or punishment for arms violations, as Gaddafi had already taken strides to right those wrongs, with a deal from the US that American-Libyan relations would become more friendly as a result — proof that we don’t honor our deals, disincentivizing other countries from accepting any and diminishing our diplomatic capital. (The deal we stuck is how come Sen. McCain and Dr. Rice became such Gaddafi fanboys for a hot minute there).

No, this was about what it’s always about when capitalism reaches what Lenin called its highest stage: the expansion of the empire.

The Times now reports that

Western nations — especially the NATO countries that provided crucial air support to the rebels — want to make sure their companies are in prime position to pump the Libyan crude.

Crude, indeed. Massive oil wealth on the way to the pockets of a rich few always trumps public investment in America. And the public invested $896 million in kinetic action in Libya, or, as Marcy Wheeler points out, the salaries of roughly 10,000 teachers. 10,000 teachers is a pittance to pay for increasing the wealth of the already wealthy and sucking the last little bit of oil out of the ground before the earth becomes inhospitable to human life.

And, as the poet Taio Cruz said, it goes on and on and on.