New piece up at Truthout

by J.A. Myerson

There is a name for the plague expressed in the forms of unemployment, social stagnancy, rampant inequality, corruption and cronyism: plutocracy. And the West, too, is racked by that plague. Objections to these conditions have wrought the second-largest protest in the history of London on 26 March; a shutdownof the city of Athens; the rise of “los indignados” in Spain; and thousands of anti-globalization activists rallying in La Havre, France. Apparently, some of the same sparks that ignited Tunis and Cairo are heating up Madrid and Athens.

And that just won’t do! The American power structure is afraid that, once Americans realize general strikes and constant protests are not an “Arab” phenomenon only (indeed, that such protests are ongoing in first-world democratic countries populated by educated white people and robust middle classes), they might conclude it is time to join, to counter plutocracy with solidarity.

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