A Labor Dispute The Right Wing Can Get Behind, Right?

by J.A. Myerson

You remember when right wingers were all, “Hey, we’re totally cool with collective bargaining, as long as it’s not happening in the public sector,” and I was all, “You’re full of shit,” right? Well, here’s their opportunity to show their true pro-labor colors and prove me wrong.

Union President Bruce W. Both said in a prepared statement that the Long Island store workers endured a “campaign of threats, intimidation and illegal acts by Target management,” and that the union would contest the results.

“Target did everything they could to deny these workers a chance at the American dream,” he said. “However, the workers’ pursuit of a better life and the ability to house and feed their families is proving more powerful. These workers are not backing down from this fight. They are demanding another election. They are demanding a fair election. They are demanding justice and they are prepared to fight for it.”

I eagerly await their breathless pronunciations of solidarity with these workers who, by virtue of being unrepresented, have no rights in the workplace. And I am prepared to continue awaiting…